The Grand Opening of the new instituted post home for Superstition Mountain Post 9399 was held at Ocotillo Road and the Apache Trail on November 29th, 1964. This event attracted several top Department Officers in the V.F.W. The new post was originally installed in February 1964 at the Ocotillo site. A new location was then purchased on August 19, 1965 to build a new post at 133 N. Saguaro Road and Apache Trail in Apache Junction, Arizona. The land was purchased for $22,500. The post moved to the new location, September 18th, 1965 and was honored at their Grand Opening. The 1964 Grand opening event was special, since it was historical (the first V.F.W. Post in District #4 in Apache Junction). The land was  paid off in 1968.

The membership for the Post and Ladies Auxiliary was approximately 420 members and was recorded as very active in supporting the V.F.W. Programs and the local community.

District #4 had eight (8) Ladies Auxiliaries, which were: Post 1677 Casa Grande, Post 1760 Mesa , Post 3513 Scottsdale, Post 3632 Tempe, Post 3713 Coolidge, Post 9399 Apache Junction, Post 9400 Sunnyslope, Post 9833 Deer Valley.

In 1988-89 under the State Commandership of Don Maynard, District #4 was split up and a new District was added, which was District #10 and Posts 9399, 1677, 3713, 8053, 7401 and 7968 were assigned to this newly created District. Posts 1760, 3513, 3632, 9400 and 9833 were left in District #4.

Post 9399 has been, over the years, a very progressive post and should be proud of its status in Arizona. The listed past Post Commanders and Auxiliary Presidents are as follows:

Harvey Wilson 1964-1965 Marie Mitchell  
Howard Beckell  1965-1966 Ruth Beckett  
Paul Wood 1966-1967 Eileen LaMotte  
Robert Morris 1967-1968 Ruth Beckett  
Buster Cox 1968-1969 Darlene Schroeder  
Lewis Severence 1969-1970 Darlene Schroeder  
John Schroeder 1970-1971 Pauline Curtin  
Donald Harrison 1971-1972 Nila Robertson  
William Lemieux 1972-1973 Hazel Kelley  
Curtis Schooder 1973-1974 Pauline Curtin  
Don Roy 1974-1975 Ellen Brown  
Don Roy 1975-1976 Elaine Arthur  
Don Roy 1976-1977 Evelyn Harrison  
Don Maynard 1977-1978 Clara Wietz  
Don Maynard 1978-1979 Clara Wietz  
Dennis Vanderberg 1979-1980 Helen Kauble  
Don Roy 1980-1981 Frances Navarro  
Doug Skowron 1981-1982 Wilma Light  
Doug Skowron 1982-1983 Frances Navarro  
Doug Skowron 1983-1984 Irene Skowron  
J. Craton 1984-1985 Alice Deramus  
Walt Walls 1985-1986 Debi Youggust  
John Humble 1986-1987 Debi Youggust  
Joe Bowman 1987-1988 A. Deramus  
Joe Bowman 1988-1989 Hazel Goff  
Don Maynard 1989-1990 Hazel Goff  
George Diehl Sr. 1990-1991 Tootie Nephew  
George Diehl Sr. 1991-1992 Sharon Diehl  
Frank Page 1992-1993 Betty Lange  
Bob Rankin 1993-1994 Debi Rankin  
George Diehl Sr. 1994-1995 Debi Rankin  
Frank Page 1995-1996 Linda Page  
Paul Miller 1996-1997 Hazel Goff  
Paul Miller 1997-1998 Silvia Miller  
Ken Falk 1998-1999 Silvia Miller  
Paul Miller 1999-2000 Silvia Miller  
Jim Willie 2000-2001 Kathy Burgener  
Ken Pickett 2001-2002 Kathy Burgener  
Kem Pickett 2002-2003 Shelly Klebieko Frank Cain
Jim Willie 2003-2004 Linda Hoschouer Frank Cain
Chuck Meskis 2004-2005 Silvia Miller Ron Kill
Willard "Bud" Ross 2005-2006 Amy Timbes Ron Kill
Willard "Bud" Ross 2006-2007 Amy Timbes Jim Rice
Lamonte Jacobson 2007-2008 Lynn Carter Jim Rice
Lamonte Jacobson 2008-2009 Amy Timbes Jim Rice
Bob Stark 2009-2010 Amy Timbes Steve Wilde
Bob Stark 2010-2011 Amy Timbes Steve Wilde
Bob Stark 2011-2012 Patty Tomlinson Steve Wilde
Bob Stark 2012-2013 Jackie Lange Steve Wilde
Gordie Bonnell 2013-2014 Jackie Lange Steve Wilde
Gordie Bonnell/Jim Johnson 2014-2015 Bambi Johnson Dave Waggoner
Jim Johnson 2015-2016 Bambi Johnson Dave Waggoner
Jim Johnson 2016-2017 Bambi Johnson Chuck Erickson
Chuck Williams/Jim Johnson 2017-2018 Lynn Pierre (Men's Aux now part of VFW Aux)
Jim Johnson 2018-2019 Lynn Pierre  
Bob Stark/Teddy Julian 2019-2020 Lynn Pierre  
Bobby Malick 2020-2021 Lynn Pierre  
Bobby Malick 2021-2022 Amy Timbes  
Jim Johnson 2022-2023 Irene Nowacki  
Jim Johnson 2023-2024 Irene Nowacki  




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